Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Upcoming albums: Stacey Y, Set The Water Straight

There's something funky happening in Toronto lately.  Actually, there's been a lot funky happening in Toronto, which is awesome.  There's been a whole Nu-Funk/Neo-Soul thing happening on the ground here for a while.  It's been quietly bubbling away for years, but I believe there is a bona fide funk scene on the verge of exploding in a serious way in this town.   There are more clubs around that feature this music, a lot of younger musicians have rediscovered the organic groove and feel of the genre, and funky jam sessions keep cropping up all over town. 

And I think it's great.  It's great because it makes people dance.  It's great because to play it, musicians have to know how to play well both as individuals and as a unit.  It's great because it's uplifting, energizing and celebratory.  And it's great because as much as I love the ubiquitous Canadian singer-songwriter, let's face it, that genre is incredibly tired.  The Canadian music public could use a good, funky kick in the pants. 

A bright light among all the Nu-Funk/R&B/Neo-Soul artists playing around town is Stacey Y. 
She's a multi-instrumentalist.  She's a Royal Conservatory and Humber College schooled-musician.  She's performed and recorded in Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis, Austin, and Havana.  And clearly, the musical energies of these locales have left an impression on her music.

Stacey is currently in the finishing stages of putting together her upcoming full-length album called Set the Water Straight, set to release June 2013.  The album is currently available as a preorder here.  She has released an amazing single from the upcoming album called Save the Future.  Please click here to listen to it.   It's your loss if you don't.  Seriously.  It's great.

Take a look at the video below where she talks about the production a bit.  

This looks like it's going to be an amazing album, so I think if you dig the track, you should definitely do the preorder and reserve your copy today.  Stacey is also offering some other neat packages at higher prices which you should consider, too.   This looks like a very promising album by a very talented local musician and singer.  I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out and am hoping to record Stacey and her band for a future podcast at some point. 

Stacey is playing at Cherry Cola's at 200 Bathurst St. in Toronto on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013.

Her CD release is on June 20th, 2013 at C'est What. 

For more info about her, go to her website or her facebook page.

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